Effects Of Improper Diet On Skin

Everybody today seeks the perfect body with the perfect weight and the perfect skin. But how many are really working towards having this perfection in life? How many manage to maintain a healthy disciplined lifestyle along with a good diet? Diet is definitely the answer to all your skin related issues. An unhealthy diet not only affects the skin but also the overall health and fitness of the individual.

In today’s scenario when people want to look younger to their age it is important that they maintain a good healthy diet. A healthy diet should comprise of loads and loads of antioxidants. Antioxidant comprise of vitamin C, beta-carotene and zinc. In the case of the muscular degeneration process has already commenced, however, the consumption of these three types of antioxidants in the form of foods, definitely delay the process. Spinach, collard, kale and mustard greens and some forms of dark green leafy vegetables which prove to be of the great form of the source in delaying the aging process. People can also avoid the dark circles and keep those eyes shiny and bright by including pepper, corn, oranges, cantaloupe, and cucumbers.

Whilst people are aware of the healthy diet, an unhealthy diet has the reverse effect on the skin. A poor diet is far more dangers than the skin being exposed to the sun. An unhealthy diet can be cancerous. Healthy skin plays a role of a connection between the internal organs and the outer environment. An unhealthy diet has a detrimental effect on the skin tissues which in turn avoids complications in multiple factors like genetics, hygiene and other health issues with regards to the skin. Poor nutrition has the reverse effects on the overall body nutrients like the Fats, Vitamins, and minerals.

Why Fats?

People tend to understand fat as a dangerous component in the body.  Fat comprises of both healthy and the nonhealthy fats. The skin utilizes the good fat to work as a shield to form a waterproof barrier. Omega – 6 is the main nutrient which is formed by the fatty acids. Omega 6 is mainly responsible for healthy skin growth. In the case of a poor diet, you are at a risk of getting the omega -3 deficiency as a result of which there might be skin and health problems.

Why Vitamins?

Antioxidants play a vital role with regards to skin care. Antioxidants provide the basic 3 nutrients which are Vitamin C, Beta-Carotene, and zinc.  These antioxidants are found in dark green leafy vegetables like Spinach, collard, kale and mustard greens. Pepper, corn, oranges, cantaloupe and cucumbers are also the important antioxidants which avoid the dark circles and keep those eyes shiny and bright. A diet poor in vitamin C puts you at risk of developing scurvy, a condition that causes skin lesions. Also, low vitamin D levels leave you more vulnerable to sun damage, negatively affecting the health of your skin

Why Minerals?

Minerals such as zinc and Selenium are forms of nutrients that are received from a good healthy diet. Zinc deficiencies negatively impact your skin. Zinc deficiency can cause abnormal skin pigmentation, lead to skin lesions and put you at risk of dermatitis. A diet low in selenium an essential mineral involved in protecting your skin from the sun can also cause problematic skin conditions. Individuals suffering a selenium deficiency face a higher risk of skin cancer. Selenium deficiency can also slow hair growth, lead to hair loss and prevent normal skin cell development.

As you are now aware of the importance of a good healthy diet, fruits and vegetables provide you with vitamin C, while fortified dairy products boost your intake of vitamin D. Eat nuts for some skin-healthy snack rich in zinc, selenium and healthy unsaturated fat, including omega-3s.

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Effects Of Improper Diet On Skin
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